Cleon Russell

As the Music Co-ordinator of River of Life, Cleon is responsible for all the planning and direction of River of Life’s musical events within and outside the church. A skilled musician, Cleon initially played the drums for River of Life but then moved to playing the piano.  His musical talents allowed him to play at other churches and conventions before becoming commissioned into his post in April 2013.


Cleon is extremely passionate about taking praise & worship to the ‘next level’ and nurturing the growth of the praise and worship team and overall music ministry at his home church. His aim is to raise the bar so that musicians “play skilfully with a loud noise” (Psalm 33:3) and singers “Sing joyfully to the Lord” (Psalm 33:1) as they usher in the presence of God. This enthusiasm inspired him to launch a music school with follow-up workshops for those involved in music ministry at RLM and other churches.


A true worshipper at heart, he is also a songwriter and producer and plans to release a project in the near future.